The Trip Planning Stage

Trip Planning Collage

Travel books can be large and heavy – two enemies of packing. Cutting up travel books lightens the load, minimizes unnecessary weight (eliminate sections you don’t need) and helps you stay organized. The internet is a great resource if you are looking to save money by not purchasing travel books, but I’d HIGHLY recommend investing in the very affordable travel series by Rick Steves. Check the ‘Recommendations’ section, I’ll (soon) have a post about why Rick Steves is such a great resource!

I plan to focus my backpacking in eastern Europe, hitting some of the “road less traveled” destinations. If you can’t see the cities I have highlighted, I’ll be adding an interactive map of my destinations once the trip route becomes somewhat more finalized.

THE EURAIL PAAASSSSS! You can’t buy this while in Europe, it is for visitors only. For visiting students, it is an absolute STEAL. The pass runs a great student rate, and you can purchase different types of passes to fit your journey. I will be adventuring with a two month unlimited ride pass.

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  1. Kelly Guinaugh

    Hi Reagan – love reading about your adventures! Liv and I have had a few laughs envisioning you in some of the places you’ve described. I love what an adventurer you are. . .this is way cool what you are doing! Safe and fun travels. Kelly

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