Where can you find my photos?

Previous travel photos can be found by going to My Travel Maps –> Previous Travel.

Click on each city to see photos from that trip! For my trips with multiple destinations, all photos are in one album. If you’d like to browse photos outside of the slideshow setting, simply exit the slideshow to access individual photos and quickly find the specific destination photos you are looking for.

Previous destination photos include glamour shots of me with braces, some absolute gems of my sister Robyn in a beret, Morgan posing like a supermodel, my mom with a perm-gone-wrong and 6’5 dad towering over crowds. Enjoy some of the best Payne family moments in the Europe Trip album!

In the China and Japan albums you can find my attempts at taking @rTzY photos. Leave comments with any photographing advice you have! I will forever be a ‘point and shoot’ camera user, but am interested in learning more about composition, lighting, ect.

Photos from this adventure can be found here, under albums. Check in weekly for uploads.

One, two, three say CHEEESSEE!


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