Morocco Pt. II: Essaouira

Essaouira is a beach town located about 3.5 hours outside of Marrakech. The hustle and bustle of Marrakech can be overwhelming at times, so we decided to head out to Essaouira for one day and night. We thought walking the tight alley ways and venturing through markets was where the hustle and choas of the city was centered – but arriving at the public bus station gave us a whole new perspective of chaos.

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We had to dodge moving buses and try to not get smushed as one bus attempted to navigate around another. Honking is entirely uneffective when there are 10 buses trying to get out the same small driveway, but the inefficiency didn’t stop every single bus driver from laying on the horn. About 30 buses were all crammed into the station, all with ticket sellers outside yelling the prices and trying to grab people passing by to purchase a ticket. Beggars snuck on and off the busses asking for money, and barefoot children ran around trying to sell tissues, water and gum. We watched as a coup of chickens, a toilet and a german shepherd dog were all loaded onto public busses along with the masses of people and luggage. CHAOS.

We paid our five euros a piece and loaded up into our bus – the ride was long, hot, slightly uncomfortable but the blue and white city of Essaouira is absolutely worth it.

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The sign directing us to our hostel….took us a good hour to find it..

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oFISHally the best dinner 

Sea side shacks line the sidewalks of the beach with fresh fish and all kinds of sea life out on display. Diners pick their fish, have it grilled then eat it at a table all within the little shacks. Our group of eight caused a scene as we walked down the avenue of vendors. There are about 10 vendors selling nearly identical dinner services: soda, salad, fish. When we decided to dine on fish, the vendors nearly had fist fights over our business. We decided to go to shack number 18 because the store owner had run over and instead of yelling and fighting with the others, he picked up crabs and started dancing with a crab in each hand – easy choice!

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For three euros each we had about 6 different courses of sea food, salad, bread and soda. We payed the real price later when about half our group got sick – regardless, a great experience.

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We found another perfect terrace to enjoy the sunset from

Screen shot 2013-05-25 at 5.43.34 AM

Enjoyed the beach!

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Though touristy, Essaouira is worth the day/night trip. The real charm of the city is the atmosphere – relaxing, enoying, exploring.

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