Croatia: Plitvice National Park

Gil and I headed to Trieste in Italy then drove down the Croatia coastline until we reached Zadar. Zadar is a fantastically located city to reach many of the attractions in Croatia and was relatively easy to reach from Italy. There is also an airport near Zadar that RyanAir flies to – overall a great city to use as a “base” when traveling through Croatia. We were able to easily travel to Plitvice National Park as well as explore islands just off the coast and enjoy serenity on the incredibly uncrowded beaches on the islands.

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*Map courtesy of World Guides


Nature is neat!

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View from one of the small islands we visited off the coast of Zadar:

It cost about 5USD round trip to hop between islands using the ferry service. The islands were the least touristy of a otherwise fairly touristy way to experience the Croatian coast. Incredible nature, opportunities to hike and beaches to lounge on. A trip to Croatia is a must, and no visit to Croatia is complete without spending a full day at Plitvice National Park.

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  1. Nancy Raney

    thanks, reagan, for sharing your adventures with us. i love your insatiable desire to learn, your open mindedness, and your wonderful ability to paint pictures as your write and communicate with us. glad to hear you’re back safe and sound. God bless.

  2. Grandmother

    Thank you for the beautiful photo’s . I had no idea Croatia had such pristine natural beauty. What a joy it must have to discover these off the tourist path places!

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