Kayaking in the Storm Dubrovnik

We could see islands from our vantage point during out morning hike, and we decided as we looked out over the horizon that we wanted, at some point that day, to be on one of those islands. Kayaking was deemed the best way to get there, so at around 6pm we set out on a trek to an island where we could go cliff jumping, swim and enjoy the crystal clear water.

Jimmy and Kate hopped in one kayak, while Imogen and I joking flexed our muscles at the other two as we tripped and climbed into our own kayak.

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It took us about an hour to reach the island, and it was not as easy of a trek as the guides initially made it seem. Everyone was exhausted, but we all felt proud and accomplished for making it to the island (nobody wanted to think about how we had to eventually paddle back to the mainland)

Cliff Jumping

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While we were swimming we watch rain approach us from the distance, and it approached fast. Our guide rallied us quickly to head back into our kayaks and we departed back to land way earlier than planned. As we paddled the water got choppier and the waves more difficult to push through. Dusk blanketed us and it got colder, and at this point a hushed concentration fell over the otherwise chatty group. Everyone was on edge, nervous, exhausted but relentlessly paddling. Harsh Croatian works kept exchanging between our two guides and Croatian is one of the last languages you want to hear people speak in during a panic. Basically, it took us somewhere between 2-3 times longer to get back to land. I honestly have no idea the exact amount of time, but we absolutely collapsed once we fell out of our kayaks on the beach.

We made it guys, WE MADE IT!

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