The Black Sea: Sunny Beach

From Sofia the three of us embarked on an adventure to… THE BLACK SEA! The sea’s name sounds like an appropriate place for an eerie relative of Nessy to live – and I was so excited to stand at the edge and look over what seemed to me to be one of the most foreign destinations on my trip.


The ominous sounding “Black Sea” connected with the much brighter “Sunny Beach Bulgaria” which was our first stop on our journey across Bulgaria. This resort town is located near to the town of Varna and is one of the most affordable vacation spots in Europe. Popular amongst Russian families, and also a major spring-break-type destination for European students. There was a very bizarre mix of vacationing families and partying young people; a combination that seemed to work for Sunny Beach.

Children could get their faces painted next to booth for drunks to get regretful tattoos. Buckets of alcohol were sold at a cheaper prize than dinner at the sit-down Chinese food restaurant next door. Sunny Beach was one of those places that overwhelmed every sense in a way that you feel a mix of excitement and anxiety while your heart beats to the flashing lights of the surrounding advertisements.

We checked into our resort: Blue Summer

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Complete with our own patio, a bar and a swimming pool, it was unbelievable how many amenities we had for the price we paid. The majority of the other guests were Russian families that surrounded the perimeter  of the pool both day and night. The resort had a foreign yet comfortable vacation feel, and it was an experience to observe families laughing and celebrating each others’ company in a different culture.

Dilyana picked our accommodation and chose well – a note to all travelers: Stay at Blue Summer if you visit Sunny Beach, Bulgaria!


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We enjoyed a day at the beach, especially the many beach bars and restaurants! Everywhere was set up like a club atmosphere where you could lounge in chairs, enjoy the weather and tropical refreshments. Dilyana insisted that we try these fish that looked like someone just boiled a fish tank then put the fish on a platter…we honored her once then Cami and I opted to not touch them again! It was very special of Dilyana to take us to Sunny Beach. She has been vacationing there with family and friends her entire life and, like any frequently visited vacation spot, she has traditions that she does every visit. She shared all these traditions with us and gave us a real Bulgarian experience having us each the fish, drink rakia, smell Rose scent perfumes and relax like we’ve never relaxed before.

Loving life on the beach:




Our first night out at Sunny Beach Dilyana took us entirely off the tourist path. Which, considering the resort town is one of the cheapest in Europe, the entire town is really a tourist town. I had to borrow a dress from Camilla because the club we went to had a very strict, formal dress code.


The One is an exclusive Chalga music club. “Chalga is essentially a folk-inspireddance music genre, with a blend of Bulgarian music and also primary influences from GreekTurkishArabic and Serbian music. Primary influences as well as the using of the Chalgi maqam of Baghdad” according to Wikipedia, which is the most reliable of all sources to ever exist on the internet.

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Dilyana used to seriously model in Bulgaria and has all kinds of fun photos from her many shoots. Inside the club she explained to us how small the Bulgarian modeling/acting world feels because she ended up randomly knowing a few people from the field. We were able to get in and not have to pay the required bottle fee and all that – Camilla and I were all giggles as we stood behind Dilyana while she talked our way to a great table location.


It is so much fun when you think you know everything about your friends and then something unreal happens like oh your best friend knows semi-famous people and gets special treatment at clubs in her own country. The joys of friendship!

We asked for a drink menu in English to which the server laughed and said they had no English menus. The One club was quiet hidden and difficult to get to, so it comes as no surprise that the menus do not cater to foreigners. Dancers lined the stage around the club and each group stood at their own table, it was a bold move for new people to walk up to a different table to start talking. Both the successful and failed attempts made the night hysterical and paired with the catchy and very different Chalga music we all had a fantastic time.

The next day we enjoyed more beach time, laughs and fine food. This was my dinner the following night. It cost roughly 4 USD. We followed dinner with a drink special of “Buy one get three free” which is a real testament of how commerce at Sunny Beach operates.

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